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Home is where every child belongs. Home represents a safe, protective, caring and growth generating environment; a web of relationships that foster the full blossoming of human potentialities and all the physical supports and facilities that nature...provides.

To an unaccompanied, out of home child, this foundation for her/his growth is missing. To those among them, who have a biological home of their own, restoration back home is meaningful only if that home provides for a safe and caring environment, where every relationship is healthy, where all basic needs are provided for, then such restoration is the best option. An alternative home is acceptable when the best is not available; when s/he cannot be in her/his own home. Until every such child is given an alternate caring, follow-up system that provides for the basic essentials in life, where s/he enjoys the joy of varied healthy relationships, and s/he feels protected, safe and experiences the security of belonging, we cannot say that the child’s right to a home has been restored.

It is this essential right that we are committed to provide for every alone and lonely child.A home can thus include the child’s own home, adopted homes, foster homes, alternate caring home settings, group homes, children’s homes, special homes etc. Or even the home the child establishes on her/his own in late adolescence or as a young woman/man.

The home link philosophy aims to meet every such unaccompanied or potentially unaccompanied child, whether s/he be lost, abandoned, run away, orphaned, abducted, trafficked or rendered destitute, at the earliest moment of her/his separation or loneliness at locations where s/he lands and partners her/him in their struggles and follows them up until an alternate community/home environment is established.

The Home link network is the coming together of all such organizations, caring community groups and individuals who pool all their resources and link up all their services so as to facilitate a free flowing communication network that will ensure that every child has a home environment to grow in.

This task demands that this network functions to prevent trafficking, rescue children from the clutches of every enslavement, heal traumas, addictions, hurts and denials; to fight exclusion, exploitation and discrimination; to challenge systems and structures that are detrimental to a child’s growth or cause harm. Essentially it requires the presence of healthy and caring persons in each of the locations where such children land up alone, bewildered and lost, accompanying her/him until s/he feels restored to a safe home environment.

This is an information and documentation Support System for Youth Centres, taking care of the Young at Risk. Through specially designed software the documentation Centre uses this programm to create a link with other Salesian and other NGOs all over India in order to provide a flexible solution to document the organizational activities under the Street and Missing Child details, Home details, Alumni details. Through this software the Documentation Centre also uploads the details of children who are missing (Missing Child Search) to facilitate and stimulate the various linked organizations to seek out and try to find the concerned missing children within a short span of time.

Missing Child Search

Many children reported to be missing remain untraced as there are no effective strategies designed so far at the National Level. Though some independent efforts have been tried by law enforcing agencies and social welfare institutions there is still a lacuna of organizing and interlinking efforts to trace these missing children. To identify these missing children, a concerted multi-pronged effort is required.

Many children go missing when they come away from their family on their own because of an abusive family atmosphere or run away from home due to peer influence. Some children get lost when they are not able to trace out their parents. Many missing children are reported to be trafficked and thereafter subjected to different types of exploitation. Many of them get into the clutches of commercial sex brokers and are employed as laborers and sex workers. When children when they become victims of drugs or any other bad habits some of them prefer to remain on the streets.

If the children are rescued by the law enforcement agencies they are kept at rescue homes or sent to observation homes. When the NGO comes in contact with the children they are provided temporary accommodation at their transitory homes. Prolonged stay on the streets and in the institutions restricts their freedom of growth and forces them to face many hazards. The sooner the children can be linked with their parents the better it will help them to grow in a proper atmosphere. But for those who lived longer on the streets and have lost roots with their family, it requires a systematic effort to trace these children. Meanwhile many parents also report about the missing children to their local police stations, in news papers, the Child Line, to institutions which receive complaints. Many a time the complaints remain with the police or the NGOs as they have no system to search for the missing child. Even if the child is found somewhere and if the child is back in the family the complaint still remains with the police station or NGOs as the parents do not give further information about the child. Therefore, most of the data that remains in the police stations or NGOs is often incorrect or unsatisfactory.

Missing Child Search (MCS) is a website on which details of street and / or missing children are posted and request forwarded to linked and like-minded NGOs. This is a tool which the Documentation Centre uses to try to protect these street and missing children from the obvious abuses that they might be exposed to. This is done in close collaboration with the nearest Young at Risk (YaR) Organisation. All users can register and view the missing child details, news, search details and post their feedback.


Not to know is bad, but not to wish to know is worse

  • On 25th January 2016: Canvas Painting
    The children of Don Bosco Snehalaya had the experience of painting on Canvas. Mrs. Rasmi Ma'am conducted the event for our children. The Children were asked to paint the national flag on pieces of canvas keeping in mind the theme of republic day (26th Jan.) The Children had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves. Thank You Mrs. Rashmi ma'am for giving this opportunity to our children.

  • 26th January2016: Republic day
    Don Bosco Snehalaya hoisted the Tri - colour at 8:00 am. Mr. R.T. Jain the Principal of Unnati Vidhyalaya was the chief guest. In his speech he explained the meaning of Republic day and told the children to reflect on what they can do for their country. He gave a very inspiring talk to our children

  • 26th January 2016: Poster Making Competition
    A poster - making competition was organized for our children on the theme of Don Bosco, Father and teacher of youth. The children expressed their artistic talent. The best posters were displayed on the notice board. CONGRATS to the Winners.

  • 27th Jan 2016: Singing Competition
    As per of paying homage to Don Bosco a singing competition was organized for our children. The four groups were well prepared with their songs. The Children sang melodiously. The event was judged by Fr. Dinesh, Mr.Monty & Nadeem Sheikh ( Past Pupil ). Team Rua won the 1st Place. CONGRATS to them.

  • DAILY FOOTBALL COACHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Children of Snehalaya have daily coaching in Football. The coaches of Rangers football Academy come to coach our children. Our boys are improving in their skills of the game. We thank Football Rangers Academy for their service and love towards our Children.

  • 28th January 2016: DON BOSCO QUIZ
    To help the children know more about Don Bosco: Father and friend of Youth, a quiz on his life was organised. There were a variety of Rounds. There were also different puzzles. All the four teams were well prepared. CONGRATS to them Savio for winning the 1st place.

  • 30th January 2016: BOSCO SPORTS FESTIVAL
    A two day sports festival is being organised for the children of Snehalaya. Day one began with the inauguration. Mr. Mukesh Patel was chief guest. There was the Torch relay, the March - Past and Pyramids Competition. All the Athletic events were held in the respective three age groups: Juniors, Inters and Seniors. The Children participated whole heartedly in all the events. CONGRATS to the winners and all the Best for Day 2.

  • 31st January 2016: BOSCO SPORTS FESTIVAL
    Day 2 of the sports festival was full of action as all the finals were held today. The teams fought competitively. There was also the 4 X 100 m relay for the juniors, Inters & Seniors. At noon the prize distribution ceremony was held. All the winners were awareded medals. We were also graced by the presence of Mrs.Neha Patel. She is a well - wisher of our children and has always supported us. THANK YOU Mrs.Neha Patel . The best athlete in the different age group were awarded trophies. CONGRATS to Ashwin,Iqbal, Ganesh for outshining in your respective groups, Team " BOSCO " Lifted the champions trophy as the best team who have excelled not only sports, but also in studies and discipline. CONGRATS TO THEM.

  • Snehalaya Celebrate Feast Of St. John Bosco At Bon Bosco, Makrapura on the 31st January 2016
    The children of Snehalaya were invited to Don Bosco Makarpura for the feast of St. John Bosco. The Children performed a dance. During the program Shankar Pradhan ( snehalaya boy) received a prize for the Christmas crib competition. He won the 2nd Prize. Congrats. Special thanks to the Community of Don Bosco, Makarpura for inviting our Children

  • 5th February 2016: Half Marathon
    DON BOSCO SNEHALYA.............
    Children of Snehalaya had participated in Vadodara Half Marathon on the 7th Feb.2016.
    Our Pledge - TO STRIVE TOWARDS MAKING VADODARA A CHILD FRIENDLY CITY (Education, Basic Necessities, safety, No exploitation, Recreation & Health Care........)

  • 14th February2016, Don Bosco Snehalaya are Savio Cup Champions.
    Don Bosco Snehalaya participated in “SAVIO CUP- 2016" This was a basket ball tournament organised by Don Bosco, Dakor. Don Bosco Snehalaya out Shined the other teams and emerged winners. In the finals Don Bosco Snehalaya faced Don Bosco Jhabua. The final score was 48 - 6. CONGRATS TO THE SNEHALAYA BOYS.The best player of the tournament was awarded to Ajay Mali ( Snehalaya boy ) while the award for player who shot the most baskets in the tournament was also awarded to our boy - Ramesh Palkar. Congrats to them.

  • 20th February 2016: ART FOR CHANGE
    Art exhibition by Don Bosco Snehalaya. These handmade art & craft items are made by the boys of Don Bosco Snehalya orphanage to help them develop they are skills & talent.

  • 27th February 2016: Football Tournament
    Snehalaya Participates in (U - 10) 6 A side Football tournament. Rangers Football Academy is organizing 6 A side football tournament for children Under the age of 10. Don Bosco Snehalaya has fielded 2 team, all the best to them. It is good opportunity & exposure for our Small Children.


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