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Welcome to Don Bosco Snehalaya


Don Bosco Snehalaya, A Home of Love, came into existence on May 24, 2001. A new beginning is always difficult. A persistent problem that had to be faced was that of finding a suitable location for the Shelter Home. In the course of five years Snehalaya shifted to ten different places until it finally settled in a new and full-fledged Shelter Home at Vishwamitri almost in the heart of Baroda city. The basic objective of Snehalaya is to provide shelter to the young living on the railway platforms and in the streets who are in need of care and protection. Snehalaya provides food, clothes, medicines, recreational facilities, counseling, job placement, contact with their kith or kin, training in some income generating trades according to their capacities and limitations. They are given opportunities to interact with the public, to express their potentialities and talents. This helps them to develop their self-confidence and the consciousness that they too can contribute something to the society.

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Our Mission

To reach out to Children in need of Care and Protection, offer them a protective home environment, a holistic education, and rehabilitate them through a well-designed and consistently followed up process, accompanying them at every stage with our affectionate and educative presence.

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Our Vision

We envisage a world where children from vulnerable situation can, grow to be self-confident and independent persons, living stable and dignified life as responsible and productive members of society.

Ways You Can Help

By Sponsoring: Food Grains, Toiletries, School Fees, School Transportation and Medical